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Pure Italian Technology

Three words are all it takes to describe a world. Pure Italian Technology.
Three words embodying the values that, for over 35 years, Turboair has been taking to every corner of the earth – values that the world has come to know and respect.
Values that, through their cooker hoods, make up a history of all-Italian excellence: excellence of conception, style, design.
Excellence of product – know-how, detail, quality without compromise. Excellence of technology: exclusive, innovative, brought to you through the results of the Elica Group’s research and development laboratory, the most advanced in the world.
And all of this dedicated to one highly ambitious target: excellence of air.

Turboair is above all a guarantee of safety, thanks to the exclusive use of carefully tested components.
Anti-rust paint, smooth no-cut edges, the care taken in assembling parts, together with our quality systems, all combine to create products that are
certified and safe.
The perfect marriage of steel and glass, the precision in detail, are the results of the great importance we give to design, as our latest products
These are examples of Italian technology and excellence, featuring outstanding components such as Touch Control, with its latest generation
temperature sensor, the user friendly electronic controls, the large air flow surface removable and washable grease filters.
Turboair is a brand you can rely on: exclusive, safe, with easy to install products – a quality brand at just the right price.