Financing Program

The Available Paying Methods

Payment can be done online using the following methods: Bank of Palestine, Palpay, Paypal, or credit cards.

The cash on delivery service is also available according to the following conditions:

Customers should provide us with at least one of their mobile numbers and home address to arrange a convenient time for delivery.

The customer should be available at the agreed time, with the order amount ready in hand.

If the order amount is not ready, the delivery will be postponed, and additional fees may be charged for the re-delivery order at another time.

The cash on delivery method is shown on the order completion page.

Payment is available through Visa Cards of Jerusalem area banks, with the possibility of instalments to a maximum of six payments.

The customer can check and confirm the product before paying.

Payment is made only in the Shekel currency as indicated on the order completion page.

If the purchase value is more than 1000 Nis, the customer should pay 10% of the total amount as a deposit if the payment method was cash on delivery.

Customers have safe options to complete the prepayment amount:

The use of the available online payment methods (PayPal, Visa Card and PalPay).

Contact Maslamani home team to arrange a visit to your provided address to collect the deposit.

Go to the nearest branch of Maslamani home in your area.